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Following one of the many popular blogs for special education teachers is a great way teachers can find new ideas and inspiration for their own classrooms. The duties of a special education teacher include adapting and creating curriculum to meet the needs of individual students.

Because of that, learning to be a great special education teacher doesn't stop when you graduate from school. Great teachers continue to education themselves, research new techniques, and continually seek out ways to create a better learning environment.

1. Breezy Special Ed

The author of this blog is a high school special education teacher with a broad range of teaching experience. The blog is full of great printables for the classroom, organizational ideas, and advice from an experienced teacher. Because of the author’s experience with older students, the blog has excellent resources for teaching life skills, like cooking and doing laundry, and helping students explore career possibilities. The blog is super easy to read and navigate. Many of the worksheets and lesson plans are available for purchase, which is easy to do by clicking on the links.

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2. The Autism Helper

This popular blog for special education teachers is managed and written by a woman who is a board certified behavior analyst and has 10 years of special education teaching experience. A speech-language pathologist also contributes to the writing of the blog. One of the unique aspects of this particular blog is that there are daily posts so there is no lack of new information! The site provides plenty of resources, curriculum tools, and ideas for new methods of teaching. You could spend hours clicking through this blog and finding excellent resources for the classroom.

3. Mrs. D's Corner

This blog is written by a woman who teaches life skills to elementary school children. The blog is unique because it has an upbeat feel and it's clear the author wants to make teaching easy and learning fun! On it you can find tips and tricks for special education teachers - anything from sensory activities to organization ideas to ideal seating options. She has a great section of "freebies": free printables to use in the classroom. This is definitely a blog that special education teachers will enjoy looking through.

4.Autism Adventures

The author of this blog teaches moderate-severe special education students in grades 4-6. On this particular site, you can find very organized and detailed teaching ideas and lesson plans, including free printables and resources. She also has curriculum products for sale, but many of her ideas can be utilized without having to purchase anything. The site is full of ideas and resources about academics, behavior, communication, organization, and even an entire list of monthly theme ideas.

5. Mrs. P's Specialties

This blog is written by a special education teacher with over 20 years of experience teaching at the elementary school level. With that kind of experience, you know that her methods have been tried and tested and she knows what works. There are many great articles on topics such as the best way to set up a classroom, how to create a schedule, and how to teach certain concepts. It's a great blog for new special education teachers just learning the ropes of setting up and managing their classroom.

Every student, classroom, and school year will be different. Successful special education teachers learn from each other as they strive to make their classrooms the best environment for their students. These popular blogs for special education teachers should not be overlooked as one of the best ways to find helpful, quality resources.

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