What Jobs am I Qualified for with an Associate's in Healthcare Administration?

Updated October 12, 2022 · 1 Min Read

An associate's degree in healthcare administration can be the start of an exciting career in the healthcare industry. Coursework often covers human

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Jobs in Healthcare Administration with an Associate's Degree

Graduates of Associate’s Degrees in Healthcare Administration are qualified for several jobs. As the aging population continues to grow, so will the need for healthcare service providers. Healthcare service providers work in various areas of health and medical services. The healthcare industry is among the most in-demand professions nationwide, and healthcare administration is among the fastest-growing fields. Below are some excellent jobs individuals can get with an associate’s degree in healthcare administration.

Medical Coders and Billers

Medical coders and billers, also called medical records and health information technicians, provide the services that make it easier and more efficient for insurance companies and patients to get billed for healthcare services. The healthcare industry uses specific codes to identify medical services, treatments and illnesses. Medical coders and billers are familiar with these codes and use them in the billing and reimbursement process. These codes also ensure that patients are being billed for the correct procedures. Medical coders and billers earned about $42,820 in 2017, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

Medical Secretary

Medical secretaries play an important role in a hospital, clinic or medical facility. They perform many duties throughout their day, such as answering telephones, typing correspondence, ordering supplies, transcribing dictation, scheduling appointments. Because they also have knowledge of insurance and billing, they may also assist in that area. Medical secretaries are also familiar with hospital and laboratory procedures. Medical secretaries earned an average annual wage of $35,870 in 2017.

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Health Office Managers

Health office managers serve an important administrative role in a medical facility. They are the individuals who ensure the office runs smooth and efficiently. They oversee various components of healthcare facilities, including payments, secretarial staff, health insurance and hiring staff. They may also handle accounts payables and accounts receivables. They may work for one specific office or oversee several locations for one company and often schedule appointments for the physicians. Medical office managers earned $48,159 as of April 2018.

Medical Transcriptionists

If you’ve ever wondered if anyone can understand a doctor’s writing, the answer is medical transcriptionists. Their main duty is interpreting and transcribing physicians’ reports and diagnoses. Most of their time is spent listening to voice recordings and converting them into written documentation and coding them if applicable. They also use speech recognition software to assist them in editing medical reports. As of 2017, medical transcriptionists earned an average annual wage of $36,400. They also interpret medical terminology into written reports for discharge summaries, patient history forms and similar documents.

Medical Customer Service Representative

Medical customer service representatives play a vital role in a medical office, hospital, pharmaceutical company or similar healthcare facility. They have several duties, including answering and responding to calls from patients and prescribers’ offices to refill medications, schedule deliveries, and answer questions. They also process prescription orders, communicate to patients regarding past due balances, and process credit card transactions. Medical customer service representatives also ensure that all work is performed in compliance with the facility and the government’s regulations. Customer service representatives earned about $34,164 as of April 2018.

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Earning an associate’s degree in healthcare administration can be the start of an exciting career in the healthcare industry. It not only prepares individuals for entry-level positions in healthcare but can also act as a stepping stone towards advanced degrees in healthcare administration or various other healthcare careers.

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