What Jobs am I Qualified for with a Bachelor’s Degree in Healthcare Administration?

Updated February 15, 2022 | Staff Writers

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Bachelor’s Degree in Healthcare Administration

College graduates with a bachelor’s degree in healthcare administration are qualified for a variety of jobs that focus on everything from quality to compliance to staff training. Here are just some of the many jobs awaiting those with an undergraduate degree in healthcare administration.

Compliance Specialist

Compliance specialists collect, enter, and analyze quality and performance data to generate reports and make recommendations. They implement performance improvement activities using standard tools and best practices. Their efforts result in a positive and measurable impacts on goals, processes and outcome measures. Compliance specialists help develop and execute innovative programs that ameliorate problems related to service quality, regulatory compliance and staff performance. Some compliance specialists coordinate hospital-wide accreditation efforts. This includes staff education, survey preparedness and patient satisfaction.

Healthcare Administration Instructor

These instructors train new office and administration employees by following recommended courses and schedules to complete the educational objectives. They must follow the syllabi of courses that are based on internal and legal standards. Health care administration instructors have familiar teaching duties that include regular office hours for student contact, turning in daily attendance records and documenting each student’s progress. These instructors must actively follow up on academic, attendance and performance problems to facilitate immediate improvement and success retention.

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Quality Coordinator

Quality coordinators often work in skilled nursing facilities. They are expected to coordinate and oversee all functions of the resident care assessment process to assure compliance with federal, state and corporate requirements. Quality coordinators schedule resident assessments and track changes in residents' level and type of care to ensure compliance. They regularly analyze quality indicator reports for potential resident concerns and participate in interdisciplinary teams who problem solve and facilitate change. Quality coordinators enjoy a lot of interaction with residents every day.

Health Services Administrator

Health services administrators provide direction to clinical and medical staff. They often serve as a primary point of contact between health partners, facility administration and operational supervisors. Their job is to develop and maintain the delivery of essential health care services to patients. They use their subject matter expertise to implement and monitor the delivery of essential health service functions. Their daily duties may include: physicals, medications, nursing schedules, intake screening, emergency care, mental health, dental services and infection control statistics.

Transition Support Supervisor

Transition support supervisors oversee personal care services and accommodations to patients enrolled in transition programs that increase independence and self-reliance. These programs strive to enhance the patient’s performance of self-care, daily living, meal preparation and self-administration of medication. Transition support supervisors usually work in residential nursing facilities. They contribute to the individualized care planning process by providing nursing leaders with specific information and observations of the patient’s needs and preferences. They must maintain accurate and complete clinical records in a timely manner.

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A few of the other jobs that you would be qualified for with a bachelor’s degree in health care administration include policy coordinator, health care analyst, patient services specialist, health readiness coordinator and health center liaison. The Bureau of Labor Statistics offers an overview of medical and health service manager careers which might be helpful when deciding which direction you'd like to take with your degree.

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