What Is Common Core?

Updated April 27, 2021 | Staff Writers

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What Is Common Core?

Common core is a set of standards that are used to help teach students, and they have been released to every school in America as the new way to teach. This article explains how the standards of the movement will help students, what they mean and how they will change teaching. Someone who is concerned about a change in their child's education must ensure they understand what the standards mean before they make any decision.

They are Standards

Common Core are standards that will be used to help teach kids, and the standards are designed to ensure every kid gets the same education as everyone else. There are not to be any lags in the coverage from one school to another given this system, and there are many who will find the standards much easier to understand. Parents may look over the standards on their own, and they will know what their kids are to learn every day. It is important that someone who is concerned about the plan look over the standards, and they will see how well they have been written.

Changing Schools Is Simpler

Families that move with children who change schools will find it much easier to change because the standards do not change from school to another. There are quite a few people who will be able to pick up where they left off when they go to a new school, and they will not spend time trying to catch up or learning where they must be. This is a relief for parents, and it helps students learn without any lagging.

What Is The Curriculum?

The standards are not a curriculum, and they will allow the schools to create anything they like as a curriculum. There is quite a lot of flexibility in the plan, and the schools may do as they wish to meet the needs of the students in their buildings. The students will be met where they are, and each class may be unique as the teachers are given more freedom to teach their students as they see fit. Each classroom will have the option to take on a topic as they like, and they will take the same tests at the end of the year.

Simpler Tests

The tests will be based on the standards that were released, and there are less issues that come about as the tests are released. Everyone is using the same standards to teach their students, and the nationwide test is much easier to offer to students. The results are more reliable, and they will help show that students are learning in a simpler way. The students will avoid many difficult processes that are simply too much for them to handle.

The tests and standards that are created for common core are simple to understand, and they are easier to for children to grapple with. There are many students who are frightened by the amount of school they must complete, and they will see their workload decrease knowing the standards are much easier to use than anything they have seen in the past. The finest students will excel quickly, and a student who is struggling will no longer see a reason to struggle every day in each class.

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