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Sports Administration Degree

A degree in sports administration can lead to exciting and varied opportunities. There are bachelor’s and master’s level degrees available with each level preparing you for specific segments of the workforce. The degrees focus on the business side of sports so jobs can be found on college campuses, at the local health and fitness club and all levels of professional sports.

Bachelor’s Level Degree

At the bachelor’s level, the sports management degree focuses on the fundamentals of the business. In the first two years of the degree, students take general education courses in math, English, literature, social sciences and science. By the third year of the degree program, you will move into the specialization and learn about ethics in sports, marketing, finance, and sport law. Some of the courses may be part of the larger business curriculum, but many schools have programs large enough to support courses that focus on the sports industry. Students may be offered an internship in the field which will greatly benefit them as they move into the job market.

Master’s Level Degree

The Master’s in sports management will provide a more in-depth look at the sports industry and give you an opportunity to specialize in a field such as data analytics, global sports or sport representation. The courses will generally be more specific to the industry, but some from the business and law fields may be included in the curriculum. The internships at this level may be more important than at the bachelor’s level.

Getting the First Job in Sports Administration

Students who graduate with a Bachelor’s in sports administration can look forward to working as operations managers or other leaders in sports organizations. This could include fitness clubs, college athletic departments or local professional sports teams. Others may work as agents for players and coaches. Another great employment option for students is found in the local government recreation departments.

It is important to remember that sports and sporting events are considered a major industry in the United States and worldwide. Each player, team, game or match, athletic department or facility requires a group of people to support the activities. Those with a degree in sports management may be specialists in facility and event management, research and statistics, finance and budgeting or general administration. College athletic departments range from a few people to hundreds of people. There are continuous job openings available as seen on the NCAA website.

Other opportunities exist through the large organizations such as the North American Society for Sport Management or the National Association of College Directors of Athletics. Networking through these organizations is a great way to develop friendships and to know what and when jobs are available.

A degree in sports management can lead to an exciting career in an ever changing field. The degrees better prepare you for the roles and responsibilities you will find when you obtain your first job. Staying connected to your educational program and through organizations will allow you to stay knowledgeable about changes in the field and to take a proactive approach with your own career.

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