What Can I Do With a Master’s Degree in Nonprofit Management?

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What Can I Do With a Master’s Degree in Nonprofit Management?

The number of people who apply for nonprofit management courses has increased for the past few years. This drastic shift in numbers has been brought about by the change of perspective among students who have realized the course is marketable and provide graduates with a wide range of opportunities. Most nonprofit organizations prefer those who have master’s degrees in non-profit management to fill various positions. Here are top jobs you can do with a master's degree in nonprofit management.

Program Director

A program director develops and executes a wide range of programs in a nonprofit organization. He comes up with plans to help raise funds for the organization and manages large-scale donations. He is also responsible for budgeting and overseeing community outreach attempts and ensures that things run as planned within the organization. The average annual salary of a program director is $100,839. The lowest paid individual earns $84,437 while the highest-paid gets $125,244.

Chief Executive Officer

A CEO in the nonprofit industry is responsible for overseeing an organization’s functions, volunteers and employees. He ensures that the organization’s finances are in order on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. He is also tasked with establishing positive relationships with stakeholders and other business leaders. CEOs of nonprofit organizations earn an average salary of $106, 000 per year. The lowest-paid gets $55,000 and the highest $206,000. The salary packages also include bonuses and other proceeds.

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Executive Director

An executive director sits at the top spot in a nonprofit organization. He provides strategic guidance, resources and valuable contacts to the organization. An executive director connects the board to the rest of the organization. He meets with the board on a regular basis to update them on the operational issues. He also works closely with them to come up with strategic plans that can offer quality solutions to complex challenges. An executive director earns an average salary of $63,668. The salary ranges between $37,113 and $116,247.

Social Services Manager

A social services manager supervises and coordinates social service programs within a nonprofit organization and the community at large. He carries out extensive research on various problems facing people within a given community and comes up with programs that address these issues. He also analyzes the organization's data, prepares grant proposals and mentors new staff members. A social service manager earns an average salary of $63,530 per year. The employment rate in the non-profit sector is projected to grow by 10 percent before 2024.

Fundraising Manager

A fundraising manager helps generate money for a nonprofit organization. He identifies potential donors from various sectors and organizes official meetings to convince them. He writes grant applications and manages the records and profiles of various donors. Fundraising managers also recruit and inspire people to volunteer, especially in small nonprofit organizations. A fundraising manager earns an average salary of $91,473, as of December 2016. The lowest-paid fundraiser gets $73,945 while the highest pockets $104,034.

The jobs discussed above are clear indicators that there are a lot of prospects in the nonprofit industry. Gone are the days where one had to forget about money when working for nonprofit organizations. All these jobs require people with at least a master’s degree in nonprofit management.

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