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Higher education has never been more accessible, and there have never been more options for every type of budget, learning style, and goal. Having so many options is great, with one caveat.

You have to decide where to pursue your goals. It’s a big decision, and it can be hard to find quality and pertinent information to help you on your way. For this reason, we provide the most current research and reviews on the best colleges and online programs. Our goal is to foster dialogue between the most current educational data, the analysis of educational leaders, and you. For us, it’s a job well done for every student that we can help achieve their goals.


We offer rankings utilizing the most current publicly available data on a broad range of program types. With a focus on online programs, our rankings take curricular excellence and the needs of prospective students into account. Examples of criteria our rankings address include flexibility of scheduling, affordability, quality of instruction, and student-instructor interaction.
While there are many exclusively online university programs that meet our rankings’ standards of excellence, our rankings also include hybrid programs. These programs offer top-notch online education with the option of transitioning to a more traditional classroom environment. As with all of our rankings, we aim to provide prospective students with the information they need to choose the best program based on their specific goals and needs.


There are many important factors that can make or break your college experience. To supplement our rankings, we offer a wide variety of features on life outside of the classroom for the colleges we cover. From the best student unions, college radio stations, art scenes, to the most affordable colleges, our features section offers inside information on the best colleges for you, whatever you’re into!