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The Top 10 Online Accounting Degrees


Accounting jobs ranked #3 on the list of top ten business jobs according to US News. Individuals with accounting degrees can expect to earn a median salary of more than $60,000 to start and there is a potential for growth in the field of more than 15 percent according to the US Department of Labor.

Featured Accounting Programs

Returning to school for an accounting degree can be difficult if you are working a full-time job and have other constraints on your time such as a family. Fortunately, pursuing an online accounting degree is a viable option and there are arrays of schools that provide online accounting degrees to students who need flexibility and want to avoid a commute.

The best accounting programs offer students with the formal education they need to begin a career in accounting. Online programs now offer the same quality programs as a campus-based program. The list that follows includes the top ten accounting programs available to students who want the convenience of online programs. These online programs were rated for quality, accreditation, ancillary programs to supplement the degree, a focus on factors such as ethics and values and the ability to immediately sit for the Certified Public Accountants Exam upon completion of the online program.

Ranking The Top Online Accounting Degree Programs

1. Rasmussen College

Rasmussen College earned the top spot as it has been offering post-secondary education for over a century. It also provides accounting students with the opportunity for an internship to supplement their education. Working as an intern provides students with first-hand knowledge and experience in the field that is critical to a resume. If a student is enrolled continuously at Rasmussen College in either a two- or a four-year degree program, they will not experience a tuition increase

2. Strayer University

Strayer has been a leader in the field of distance and online education. The affordable tuition at Strayer makes this school attractive to working adults. Strayer provides an array of accounting degree options include a Bachelor’s of Science degree in accounting, a MBA with an emphasis on accounting and a MS in accounting, taxation, controllership or accounting information systems. The University also offers a graduate certificate program.

3. Capella University

Capella was founded in part by a former CEO and the knowledge of running a business and learning is instilled in the online programs as a result. Capella University provides an online “campus” and “course rooms” for students to engage with one another and actively participate in their online learning experience. Students who are unsure if an online learning experience is right for them, they have the option to enroll in an undergraduate or a graduate level “mini-course” that runs 6-8 hours and incorporates navigating the courseroom and learning how to submit an assignment. The mini courses are offered each month and are no cost to the student. Capella University offers an undergraduate degree in accounting.

4. Kaplan University

Kaplan University offers accounting degree students a variety of accounting degrees from a two-year Associate’s Degree to a Master’s in Accounting. One of the unique features of Kaplan is the Kaplan Commitment. Students can enroll and take a course for a trial period of three weeks with no tuition obligation. This gives students an opportunity to see if they like the online program or the field before making a commitment. Kaplan also allows students to customize their accounting degree program which allows them to focus on their areas of interest and are aligned with their specific career goals.

5. Colorado Technical University

Colorado Tech offers an online BS in Business Administration with a focus on accounting. The unique feature of Colorado Technical is the practical application that students achieve through projects and case studies that are based on real business experiences. The curriculum is reviewed by professionals in the field of business and is revised with their recommendations to stay current with the industry. Students who are enrolled in the BS program can simultaneously earn a certificate in one of four areas: basics of accounting & finance, financial statement analysis, organizational systems and improvement and risk & legal environment.

6. St. Leo University

St. Leo is a small Catholic college offering both online accounting degree programs with a Bachelor’s of Arts in accounting or a Bachelor’s of Business Administration with a focus on accounting. St. Leo University has a student-centered philosophy and allows for flexible course work taught by faculty members who have industry experience in the field, some of whom hold a CPA license.

7. St. Joseph’s College in Maine

St. Joseph’s in Maine is another Catholic College devoted to incorporating values into the learning process. St. Joseph’s College offers both undergraduate and graduate degrees in accounting. Upon completion of the Bachelor’s program, students can fast track into the Master’s of Accountancy and receive waivers for up to two courses in the Master’s program. The Master’s program courses are ten weeks which allows for quicker completion of course work and five terms are available per year.

8. Ashford University

Ashford offers an online accounting Bachelor’s of Arts in a accounting and students in this program have the option to simultaneously complete a specialization program including: business economics, entrepreneurship, finance, information systems and international management. Besides these specializations, students in the BA in accounting program can also pursue a concentration in environmental studies.

9. Walden University

Walden offers students the flexibility of online accounting courses that are set up similar to classroom courses. Students can interact with one another via message boards and email and they receive a syllabus prior to the start of class that outlines the requirements and expectations. Walden University offers a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration with the focus on accounting. Students completing the program are qualified to sit for the CPA exam. Walden University also offers a Master’s of Science in Accounting & Management.

10. Grand Canyon University

Grand Canyon University is a Christian organization that helps students apply Christian values to their lives and to their studies. Besides the Christian focus, a unique feature of Grand Canyon University is that students who complete the requirements for an accounting program are qualified to sit for the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) exam in most states. Grand Canyon University offers both undergraduate and graduate degrees in accounting.