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Updated May 18, 2023 | Staff Writers

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The SAT is the most widely used test for students to assess their knowledge before they are accepted into college. SAT once stood for Scholastic Aptitude Test, but now, it stands for the Scholastic Assessment Test. The test consists of several parts, including critical reading, mathematics, and writing. These combined scores allow universities to analyze how well a student has learned throughout their high school years and how much knowledge they have retained. Once you've taken the SAT, the scores can then be submitted with your college application for possible acceptance. This process can be very stressful for high school students, so it's important to be prepared. Once you practice and know what to expect, you should be able to score highly and get into the college of your dreams.

SAT Preparation and Tips

SAT Study Guides

  • SAT Guide: This guide has everything you need to know to prepare for and take the SAT as well as some practice questions. It's a good resource to help you know what to expect.
  • Study Guide Resources: Click here for a list of different places you can find SAT study guides for purchase and/or download.
  • The Essential Guide to the SAT: This PDF has everything you need to be ready for the SAT and to study for success.
  • The Best SAT Books: This website offers an in-depth list of some of the best SAT study guides and preparation books available.
  • Critical Reading: This guide can help you master the critical reading portion of the SAT.
  • Practice and Study Guide: Here is a very comprehensive site geared towards the literary portion of the SAT but full of helpful videos and other in depth information.
  • Complete SAT Grammar Rules: Use these rules as a guide to help you navigate through the rules of the grammar portion of the SAT.

SAT Practice Tests and Quizzes

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